Hi everyone reading this!! :)

Basically, I love Sleeping Beauty with the burning passion of 689594737860693885859390 suns, and when I saw that this Wiki had been created, but not edited very much, I was on board with helping out! :)

It seems that the creator of this Wiki forgot about it or lost interest, so Wikia asked me to "adopt" it. Wikia does this if the original founder had been inactive for too long, and no one was left to take care of the site. So, because I had edited it a bit before, I was asked to "adopt" the Wiki. Anyway, I agreed, and I now have full bureaucrat and administrative rights on the wiki, which is why it says "admin" on my page. :)

I just wanted to explain that, in case anyone was confused about me being the one who was in charge, even though i'm not the founder. :)

Mostly what I'm doing is pulling over information from Wikipedia or the Disney Wiki, just to complete the information on this site. :) Feel free to help out in any way! I'm sure this site will be under construction for quite some time. :)

Thanks! :D


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